Aarde, water, vuur en luchtAarde, water, vuur en luchtAarde, water, vuur en luchtAarde, water, vuur en lucht

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106. Toronto Island, Canada, 1972.

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298 times
106. "Snow and ice nr. 7"

105. Saskatchewan, Canada, 1970.

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284 times
105. "Snow and ice nr. 6"
This photograph was taken in February, it's very cold then in the Canadian prairie provinces.
The picture was taken from the Trans-Canada Highway which runs east-west. The road in the picture is running north-south. Almost every road in Canada runs either north-south or east-west. Through the village runs the railroad parallel to the Highway, and along the railroad are the grain silos. Around the village the vast farmlands. This village is very typical of the Canadian prairie villages.
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103. Ontario, Canada, 1973.

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103. "Sun nr. 16"
The sun is at the topleft just outside the picture frame. The strong light causes a lot of reflections inside the optical system of the lens, which lowers the contrast considerably. It gives the photograph a soft fairy-tale like light.

100. Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, December 1969.

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301 times
100. "Sun nr. 13" and "Trees nr. 12"
This was going to be the coldest night I ever experienced; minus 38 degrees centigrade (which is also about 38 below zero in Fahrenheit) When I took this picture it was already very cold. At very low temperatures the working of the camera gets very stiff. The film gets so brittle that it can break easily.

95. Ontario, Canada, August 1970.

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290 times
95. "Sun nr. 8"
Enough water for the time being, it's time for some sun. This picture was taken early in the morning. The stareffect of the sun is because I used the smallest diaphragm. The dark foreground is not so very interesting by itself, but the reflecting track adds some depth to the picture.
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72. Alberta, Canada, 1969.

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72. "Autumn nr. 5" and "Trees nr. 9"
Next to the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff.

64. Gaspé, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1972.

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334 times
64. "Boats nr. 5" and "People nr. 2"
This picture was taken from a tripod because of the fairly long shutterspeed. The three boys kept moving around and were almost never in the right place for a good composition, so I had to wait for a long time to get them in the right place. It was getting darker very quickly. The sun had set for quite a while already. The reflection of the clouds tinted by the sun can be seen in the water.

48. Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada, 1969 / 1970.

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232 times
48. "Sneeuw en ijs nr. 3"
Port Burwell's lighthouse in the winter of 1969/1970. This is a small harbour on the shores of Lake Erie. The warm glow of the evening sun forms a nice contrast with the blue-reflecting snow and ice landscape.   

3. Rainbow, Niagara Falls, Canada 1972

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308 times
The light of the sun has all colours of the rainbow in it.
The waterdrops break down the sunlight into different colours.